IFS Broker
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Estampille Global Foods Solutions

IFS certification since 2014

IFS Broker
IFS (International Featured Standard) is a label created in 2003 with the aim of guaranteeing quality and safety levels among food product suppliers, following a uniform approach. It is based on the ISO 9001 standard and the HACCP system. In 2014, Global Foods Solutions earned IFS Broker certification (for brokers only) and renewed this certification at the higher level in 2015. This official sign of recognition confirms our commitment to our quality approach, with our main aim still being customer satisfaction. This certificate is not an end in itself; it is just a step along the way, in line with our continuous improvement policy.

to match your expectations !

The rigorous selection
of our partners,
for a reliable network...

Sélection rigoureuse

All new partners are the subject of a thorough investigation followed by an appraisal before acceptance.

  • Systematic evaluation of each delivery,,
  • Level of service continuously assessed,
  • Follow-up of any corrective action.

Controlling processes and checks
for maximum security and client satisfaction...

  1. Assuring adherence to and control of manufacturing processes.
  2. Commitment of our teams to providing solutions to industrial issues.

Checks at every stage:

  • Identification of animal species (DNA test),
  • Bacteriological tests,
  • Customised checking plan.

Full, flawless traceability
for reliability of information and rapid action...

We work directly with the abattoirs and manufacturers, to guarantee you traceability from farm to fork !


  • All data are recorded
    using specific software, making access easier.

A formalised, systematic follow-up
with the aim of guaranteeing
the customer
consistent quality...

Un suivi systématique formalisé

  • Follow-up audits,
  • Assistance from our R&D department for each first production,
  • Checking of our productions during site visits. (one in France, one in Spain and two in Poland).